Have you been tested? 3 in 4 people with hepatitis C were born from 1945–1965.

In Pennsylvania, Baby Boomers born from 1945–1965 are entitled to get tested for hepatitis C.  All INSURANCE COMPANIES ARE REQUIRED TO COVER THIS TEST FREE OF CHARGE.

a8acf085-3cfe-439b-9c46-666df186e597Pennsylvania’s Hepatitis C Screening Act  (ACT 87) was signed into law by Governor Tom Wolf on July 20th, 2016.  It requires all baby boomers who receive inpatient or outpatient health services in a hospital, health care facility, or physician’s office to be offered a hepatitis C screening test regardless of risk factors or symptoms.  People with hepatitis C can live for decades without symptoms, so many baby boomers remain unaware that they are living with an infection that can liver disease, liver failure, and/or cancer.  All HEALTH INSURANCE PLANS ARE REQUIRED TO FULLY COVER THIS TEST FOR BABY BOOMERS, REGARDLESS OF THEIR CO-INSURANCE AND/OR DEDUCTIBLES.
While ACT 87 focuses on improving screening of baby boomers, all patients with risk factors-including drug use, tattoos received in an unlicensed setting, unprotected sex with someone who is hepatitis C positive, and blood or organ transplant before 1992-should also be offered the test as part of standard medical care.
CPT Code G0472 should be reported for this Hep C Screening Test, along with ICD 10 Code Z72.89, “other problems related to lifestyle.” 

Sean Waters