Testing your prostate periodically

All male patients above the age of 55 to 60 years of age should consider routine prostate testing.  Sonography testing is a non-invasive option.

Do you suffer from frequent urination, trouble urinating, or weak flow? If so, talk to your doctor about these symptoms as they may represent an enlarged prostate.

Males above the age of 60 should have the prostate checked either digitally or by sonography. Transpubic Prostate Sonography evaluates size, weight, texture of the prostate and the urinary bladder. The test can be performed at any MHS outpatient facility by specially trained technicians, avoiding the rectal exam for some patients for prostate evaluation.

This testing is extremely important in male patients as prostate pathology is very prevalent and prostate cancer is among the most frequent cancers in male patients today.


With the conjunction of Transpubic Prostate Sonography and blood PSA testing (prostatic-specific antigen) in a few minutes your physician can evaluate enlargement of the prostate and pathologies in the urinary bladder in the convenience of this office, so sometimes avoiding unnecessary referrals to hospitals and specialists.

The Transpubic Prostate Sonography is a simple test that reveals the size of the male’s prostate, its texture, its weight and also visualizes the urinary bladder, potentially identifying known or unknown stones, polyps, tumors, chronic cystitis, etc. in the bladder that many times go unnoticed.

Male patients above the age of 60 should have the prostate checked periodically by PSA lab screening, digital rectal evaluation and/or prostate ultrasound with follow-up accordingly depending on findings.

The Prostate Transpubic Sonography is done by placing a probe above the pubic hairline not requiring exposure of the patient’s genitals.  Transpubic Prostate Sonography must not be confused with “Transrectal Prostate Sonography.” The transrectal sonography, on the other hand, is mainly done today for prostate biopsy and is performed only in special cases at the urologist’s office and or hospital.

Transpubic Prostate Sonography takes only a few minutes. The only prep needed is for the patient to have a full urinary bladder. A couple of glasses of water should be given to the patient before the test is performed if he had urinated in the previous two hours.

Your doctor will receive a report on the size, weight and texture of the prostate, and of the urinary bladder interpreted by a Med Health Services specialized radiologist.

Follow-up studies can also be done periodically depending on the situation or pathologies detected and dimensions of the prostate which are calculated.

All male patients above 55 to 60 years of age should get their prostate checked and this can be done at your own doctor’s office today avoiding referrals.